Bylaws of Northwest Independent College Business Officers’ Association (NICBOA)

As Adopted Fall 1969
(Revised Fall 1994)
(Revised Fall 1999)



The name of this organization shall be the Northwest Independent College Business Officers’ Association (NICBOA). 



Sec. 1. Qualifications.  The members of this association shall be limited to the nonprofit, tax-exempt independent colleges, universities, and other non-tax supported institutions authorized to provide a program of education beyond high school and located within the following geographical areas:

  • Alaska
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Washington         

Sec. 2. Election to Membership.  An affirmative vote of the majority of the membership present at any regularly called meeting at which a quorum is present shall be required for election.

Sec. 3. Voting Rights.  Each member institution shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the membership.

Sec. 4. Dues.  No dues are required.  Expenses incurred on association business of any other officer or Trustee shall be borne by his/her institution.



Sec. 1. Officers.  The officers of this association shall be the President, the Vice President and the Secretary. 

Sec. 2. Trustees.  The Board of Trustees shall be comprised of the officers plus two members-at-large and the immediate past president.

Sec. 3. Election.  The officers and trustees shall be elected and installed at the Spring meeting, their responsibilities to begin at the subsequent Fall meeting. 

Sec. 4. Terms of Office.  The term of the officers and trustees shall be two years.  The President is not eligible for re-election until one year has elapsed.  The other officers and trustees are eligible for re-election or for election to other positions. 

Sec. 5. Vacancies.  A vacancy in any office caused by death, resignation, removal, or disqualification shall be temporarily filled by the Board of Trustees until the next Fall meeting. 

Sec. 6. Removal.  Any officer or trustee may be removed from office, for cause, by a vote of a majority of the membership at any meeting upon recommendation of the Board of Trustees. 

Sec. 7. President.  Subject to the control of the Board of Trustees, the President shall have general supervision, direction, and control of the business of the Association.  He/she shall preside at all meetings of the members and trustees and shall have such powers and duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Trustees. 

Sec. 8. Vice-President.  In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall perform all of the duties of the President and when so acting shall have all the powers of the President. 

Sec. 9. Secretary.  The Secretary shall keep a full and complete record of all the proceedings of meetings of the Trustees and of the members.  The Secretary shall be responsible for distribution of the Minutes of all proceedings to the membership at a reasonable time following each meeting.  The host institution shall provide a recording secretary at the semi-annual meetings to assist the Secretary. 

Sec. 10. Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees shall act as the “Executive Committee” with the power and authority in the management of the business affairs of the Association.  In the event that there is no host institution for a semi-annual meeting, the Board of Trustees shall be responsible for selecting a host institution.               

The Board of Trustees shall have the power to appoint special study committees and/or standing committees as may be required.

The Board of Trustees shall appoint a three member nominating committee at the Spring meeting.



Sec. 1. Semi-Annual Meeting.  There shall be semi-annual meetings on such days in the months of March or April and October or November each year as determined by the host institution and the President.  The Fall meeting shall be designated as the annual meeting.

Sec. 2. Special Meetings.  Special meeting of the Association may be held upon the call of the President or at the request of a member of the Board of Trustees.

Sec. 3. Notices.  There shall be written notices of each semi-annual meeting by the host institution and notices of special meetings by the Board of Trustees.  Notices shall be given or mailed at least thirty (30) days before the date of the regular semi-annual meeting and at least ten (10) days before the date of any special meeting.

Sec. 4. Quorum.  One-fourth of the members of the association shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Sec. 5. Conduct of Business Meetings.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail at all business meetings.

Sec. 6. Amendments to the By-Laws.  Amendments to the By-Laws may be proposed at any regular meeting.  A simple majority vote of the members present is required to approve any amendment.