Template Selection

Which one to pick and why

Most pages on the university website will use the basic Content template. The other templates are described below so you can decide if you may need a different template for one of your pages. But beware: if you experiment with other templates, you can lose your content if you choose a template that doesn't have the same content fields!

Content full

While it's tempting to use this template for basic text pages, don't. Research shows that reading page content on wide pages is very hard to do without losing your place. This template is designed for those special cases when you have an extra wide graphic, an extra wide table, or other circumstances that require a wider page format.

photo gallery

This template allows you to showcase a number of large images on your page, automatically displaying thumbnails that the user can open and page through. However, this template requires larger images and crops the images into a horizontal orientation.

content with machform (regular and full)

These templates are designed to be used with the form creator that the university currently uses, Mach Forms. If you need a form that users can complete and submit online, you can contact our office with a list of the fields you need. We create the form in Mach Forms, and this template is how we pull that form into the CMS and university website so it looks like a seamless part of the site. 


Specialty Templates

admission templates

The Admission landing, Visit, Apply, and Admission content templates are for use by the Admission department only. These template make special use of design elements from the Admission print materials.

academic department templates

The Departments & Programs, Department Detail, Department Faculty, and Peoplesoft Courses templates are all designed to highlight our academic departments.

a-z templates

This template is used to store data for special pages sorted alphabetically, such as the Offices & Services listing.

content with iframe (regular and full)

These templates are for special cases where you need the shell of our website, but your content is coming from another source. For instance, the Planned Giving pages are hosted by an external vendor, but we use the iframe to keep it within the university website and match the design.

content with rss

This template works similarly to the iframe templates, pulling in the content appearing in the page from an RSS feed.

content (hr job postings)

This template is specially designed to feature Puget Sound job postings.


This template stores all the events in the events calendar.

library landing

This template is specially designed to meet the unique needs of Collins Memorial Library.

news & events landing

This special templates pulls the recent news from the News module and the recent events in the university events calendar.


This template allows the Media Relations Manager to enter all the site news releases.


This template, as you may have guessed, hosts our search.

slater landing

This template is specially designed for the unique needs of the Slater Museum of Natural History.

textarea (regular and full) and raw content

These templates are specifically for use when special coding needs to be added to the page.

campaign, faculty list, Virtual tour, and voices templates

These templates are no longer used on our site.