Wikipedia & LinkedIn


Although this may not fall into the typical realm of social media the way we have defined it, we felt that Wikipedia deserved an honorable mention. It is important to remember that the content on Wikipedia, while referenced by an increasing number of people as a primary information source, is created by any user who wants to post. This means it’s not always correct.

As one would expect, there is an entry about University of Puget Sound. We did not create it, and research suggests that it is probably in our best interest not to edit it extensively, but we make an effort to monitor the entry and correct inaccuracies. One of the founding principles of Wikipedia is a focus on a neutral point of view. It is not an outlet for a carefully crafted marketing message designed by the university; it is a medium through which we can do our best to provide correct and accurate information about Puget Sound.

An interesting way of using Wikipedia to your advantage is to author or edit a Wikipedia entry for an appropriate research area for your department, linking it back to the university through citations, etc.


LinkedIn is a social platform where people connect largely for networking and professional purposes. Many employers now consider LinkedIn a place to find reputable job candidates based on their network contacts.

In 2013 LinkedIn launched university pages, giving colleges and universities a space within the platform to connect directly with students, alumni, faculty, staff, and even prospective students. The Office of Communications maintains and monitors the Puget Sound university page, posting news and interacting with members. In addition to the page, Loggers connect through affinity groups, the largest of which is the University of Puget Sound Alumni Association group managed by the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, with more than 3,500 members.