Link Construction

URL Construction

One aspect of link construction is the creation of the URL for your page, which you have limited control over. In the URL Route field on the Navigation tab in the CMS, you can override the automatic URL generation feature if you desire to control the last portion of the URL for your page. It is generally recommended, however, that you allow the CMS to auto-generate your site URL, which will take the Navigation Title, make it all lower case, remove special characters, and replace spaces with hyphens.

In general, Google posits that many users expect lower case URLs and can remember them better. Wherever possible, we use all lower case URLs on our site with hyphens separating words if desired. The CMS also truncates URL routes at 30 characters.

Link Text Construction

Link text, also called anchor text, refers to the words that one clicks on to go to another page. It is always best to use brief descriptive text for link text, both for search engine optimization purposes and for site accessibility purposes. Avoid constructing link text that such as "click here" that tells the user, and the search engine, nothing about where the link goes. Constructing meaningful link text can increase search engine optimization.