How do I jump to a lower part of my page (aka use anchor links)?

  1. Edit the page in question using the CMS.
  2. Scroll down to the place you want to jump TO, and place your cursor in front of that line or header. (Don't highlight the text.)
  3. Click the Anchor button in the formatting toolbar. (It looks like a flag or ribbon.)
  4. Enter a short name for your invisible anchor point with no spaces. I recommend you use no capitalizations or special characters..
  5. Add or highlight the text you want to make jump to the lower anchor point you just set up.
  6. Click on the Insert/Edit Link button on the formatting toolbar.
  7. Click the Anchors drop-down and select your anchor name from the list.
  8. Accept the new link and save/preview/publish your page.

Note that you can also jump to anchor points on other pages you want to link to. To do so, paste the URL of the page you want to go to into the URL field in the Insert/Edit Link window and then add # and the anchor name from the other page to the end of the URL.