Revert a Published Page

What if you've published something, and then realize you shouldn't have published those changes? Where's the UNDO button for publishing??? There isn't one. However, you can usually use the Revisions tab to revert back to a previously published version of the page. 

  • In edit mode on the page in question, click the Revisions tab at the top of the page. (You'll only see this option for pages you have permission to edit and publish.)
  • The top item in the Published Versions list is the most recently published version of the page. You can go down to the previous version in the list (or further back if needed and available), and click the New Draft icon next to that version.
  • The system puts you into edit mode on that previous version of the page, and if you publish it, the page will essentially revert to what it was before you published the unwanted update.