How do I request a publication URL?

Publication URLs allow departments to publish shorter URLs to their key pages in print. You can request a publication URL for any page where the full URL will be problematic due to space (such as on a business card) or helping the user remember the URL (such as on a poster). Every page shouldn't have a publication URL, as they require time and resources to create and manage.

You can see a list of known publication URLs in the Resources section of the Web Site Guide. Check to see if there's already a short URL for your page before requesting a new one. Note that a publication URL typically shortens the address to just and a single level after the slash, such as versus the full URL of

Some notes about requesting publication URLs:

  • Publication URLs are case-sensitive. We generally create all our publicatioon URLs with lower case letters, though in the full list you may notice a couple of examples with upper case letters. If you request your publication URL with lower case letters, you cannot advertise a URL with upper case letters mixed in--it won't work.
  • Publication URLs cannot contain spaces. You can request a publication URL with hyphens separating the words if this is a concern, such as 
  • Publication URLs should be specific when possible. Because each name can only be used once, we would be unlikely to grant School of Music admission the URL, hence they are Similarly, we typically will ask you to be more specific with your names rather than requesting a generic URL such as or
  • Publication URLs may take a few days to put into place, as they are requested through the Web Manager and executed by Technology Services.

To request a publication URL for your page, send an e-mail message to the Web Manager with the short URL you would like and the corresponding full page URL:

Please create a publication URL of for the page Thanks.