How do I make my image/video pop up in a lightbox?

First, if you're not sure what a lightbox is, it's the pop-up box you get when you click on the link in this sentence.

Second, you can only add this lightbox pop-up class to images or videos you are linking in your Page Content section. 

  1. In edit mode on the page you want to add the lightbox link to, create your link as normal, whether it be to an image or a video. (Hint: To make a video pop-up, you can link straight to the video playback file, rather than the hosting page, such as here: //
  2. Once the link has been created, click the Source Code (< >) button on the formatting toolbar to open the HTML code for the Page Content section.
  3. Find the link you created and add class="lightbox" inside the ending angled bracket (>). (Be sure to include the quotation marks.)
  4. Click the blue OK button on the HTML window.
  5. Save/Preview/Publish the page.

Or if you aren't HTML-friendly, contact web support for assistance.