How do I make a navigation link to another part of the website?

Do you need a link in the grey navigation box in the upper right corner of your page that goes...somewhere else? Not to one of your subpages? Or maybe to one of your DEEP subpages? Regardless of where, you can add a link to your navigation box that goes "somewhere else."

  1. Navigate in CMS so that you're looking at the subpages that appear in the navigation box where you want your link to appear.
  2. Click the Add Subpage link at the top of the page. Your new page will be added to the list as a subpage in this section.
  3. On the Properties tab, enter the Navigation Title you want to be displayed in the navigation box. Remember to keep it short and use ampersands (&) if necessary. The Page Title is auto-filled in as you enter the Navigation Title.
  4. Click on the Template tab or click the Next Step button.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Template tab screen until you see the Page Link option.
  6. Paste in the full URL for the page you want your link to go to, including the http://. If you want to link to a document, follow the steps for uploading a document, copy the URL for the uploaded document, and then paste in the URL in the Page Link field on the Template tab.
  7. If your target page is outside of your section of the university website, or if you're linking to a document, you may want to use the drop-down to the right of the URL field to designate the link to open in a new browser window.
  8. Click on the Content tab or click the Next Step button. Nothing will display on the Content tab since you have designated the Page Link on the Template tab, but now you can click the Save and Publish button to proceed.