Add a Related Pages Callout

Use this feature to add links to other areas of the site related to the content in your section or to external sites. Regular site navigation links should include links to content within your section. The Related Pages callout is a great way to add links to related content in another area of the website or on external websites.

Note that these links can be reordererd and edited after they've been entered. Be aware that these will need to be reviewed periodically to make sure they are still valid.

  1. Find the page you want to add Related Pages to in CMS and edit it.
  2. Click the Add Callout button in the Right-Side Callouts section near the bottom of the Content tab.
  3. Click the Add Item button.
  4. Enter a Link Title. This is the text that will appear on the screen in the Related Pages section.
  5. Paste in a full Link URL, including the http://

Note that you can reorder links in the list by clicking and dragging the double-headed arrow to the left of the link names. You can also edit or delete a link in the list by clicking on the icons on the right of the link names.

Also, the title of this callout by default is RELATED PAGES, but note that it can be overridden if you have a need to give the section another title. This is not recommended in most cases without a business need to do so.