Add Photos

There are several ways to add photos to your page:

Photo Gallery

CMS users can upload one or more images to this feature directly from their computer. Uploading a single image will display that image right-justified inline with the text near the top of the page content area. If you upload multiple images, a photo gallery will be displayed at the top of the page. If you upload images that are larger than the photo area, you will be prompted to crop these images when you Save and Publish the page. Large horizontal images work best. When the users clicks on an image, a lightbox appears showing the description entered for the image. The smallest size for photos uploaded to the Photo Gallery is 524x348. Be sure you are using images that we have legal rights to. No "borrowed" Web images.

  1. Find the page you want to add photos to in CMS, edit it, and scroll down to the Photo Gallery section.
  2. Scroll down to the Photo Gallery section and click on the Show link at the right.
  3. If the image you want to use has already been uploaded previously, click the Browse button. Navigate to and select your desired image and then click Use Selected Image.

    If you need to upload a new image, make sure the new image meets the minimum image size (524x348). Then click the Upload button. Navigate to and select your image. Enter a caption. The pending thumbnail appears and will be processed when the page is saved and published.

Note: Once you've saved and published the page (and cropped your photos), you can go back in and edit the Photo Gallery photos you took, dragging and dropping the photos to reorder them, clicking the edit icon to change the captions, or deleting photos from the gallery.

Content Area

There are some places in the CMS where you can upload your own photos without sizing and optimizing them first, and there are some places you can't. The main Page Content section is one of the areas where photos must be sized and optimized using a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements before being uploaded and used.

Why might you need to add a photo to the content area instead of using the Photo Gallery option? One reason could be that you don't have a large enough photo to use the Photo Gallery feature. Another could be adding photos to a staff contact page.

  1. Size and optimize your photo for the Web using a graphics program (or contact the Web Manager for assistance).
  2. Find the page you want to add the photo in CMS to and edit it.
  3. Place your cursor in the Page Content area where you want to insert your image. 
  4. Click the Insert/Edit Image icon in the second row of the formatting toolbar.
  5. Click on the small blue browse icon to the far right of the Image URL field. 
  6. Move to the folder you have permissions to upload files in.
  7. Upload a new image by clicking the Upload File button near the top of the window. Click the Upload button. Navigate to and select the desired image to upload.
  8. Navigate to and select the desired image and then click the Use Selected Item
  9. You may have an option to use the Small, Medium, Large, or Full-sized image.

Feature Box

The optional feature box appears at the top of the page in the desktop format. You must enter photos for this feature to work right. Large horizontal images work best for this space. If your image is too large, the CMS will prompt you to crop the image when you Save and Publish the page. See the How do I add a feature box? page for details on using this feature space. 

Note:  The feature area disappears in the mobile view of the website. In the tablet view, the rollover text appears on top of the image.