Add Flexible Image

A flexible image callout appears in the right-side column, below the site navigation. It displays an image with a single line of text, and you provide a URL to go to when the user clicks the callout.

To add a flexible image callout, scroll down the Content tab to the bottom.

  • Click the Add Callout button in the Right Side Callouts section.
  • Select Flexible Image from the Callout Type drop-down from the top of the page.
  • Enter the text you want to appear in the callout in the Title field. (Should be a brief phrase.)
  • Paste in the URL where you want the link to go.
  • Select or upload the image you want to use in the callout--be sure to only use images we have rights to use. The minimum image size is 289x233, and the image will be cropped to this size when the page is saved.