How do I add an online form?

We use a separate program called MachForms to create our online submission forms. If you need to have a new web form created, submit a request through web support including all the information you need to gather on the form, as well as who the form should be submitted to. In some cases, additional persons on campus can gain access and training to directly create forms on their own.

If you have a MachForm that you need to add to the website, follow the steps under Add a Page and use one of the Content with MachForm templates. On the Content tab, below the Page content field, select your MachForm from the list of all system MachForms.

If your department has chosen to use a different form system than the rest of the website, you can attempt to contact web support for assistance integrating your form into the website, but it is not always possible to ensure third-party software integration.