How do I add a page?

  1. Find the section you want to add your page to in CMS. You should be viewing all the pages in the navigation list where you want to add your new page.
  2. Above the list of pages, click on the Add Subpage button at the top next to the green circle with the + in it.
  3. The Add Page interface appears with three tabs: Properties, Content, and SEO.
  4. On the Properties tab, enter a brief Navigation Title. This is the page title that will appear in the navigation box, so we prefer it to be a single line rather than wrap to multiple lines where possible. Navigation Titles should also use the ampersand (&) instead of the word "and." As you type the CMS will automatically populate the Page Title field with the same title. You can choose to overwrite this field with a longer title if desired. Pages can not be published without this second Page Title field filled in.
  5. If you wish for your new page to be hidden from navigation, uncheck the Visible in Navigation box at the bottom of the Properties tab. You can easily come back later and recheck the box to make the page show up in the site navigation. Hidden pages are available on the live website if you know the URL, but do not show up in the grey navigation boxes on the site. Hidden pages can also be found in search. (See the page about making pages non-searchable for more information.)
  6. Most pages will use the basic Content template. See the information about page templates or ask web support if you have questions about templates. If you are creating a link to another part of the website, you'll want the External Link section at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Click the Content tab or the Next Step button.
  8. Enter the content for the page. You may wish to: Upload a document, Add photos, Add a Contact Information callout, Add a Related Pages callout, Add a Page Feature.
  9. Click the SEO tab or the Next Step button.
  10. Add any keywords or page description for this page to improve internal search engine performance. Check the box to have this page hidden from search if desired.
  11. Click the Save (to save the page for later without publishing it) or Save and Publish button. Your page will be added to the section you were in.