Special Notes for Academic Departments

Landing Page

The landing page for all academic departments uses a special template that includes the drop-down menu that allows the users to jump to other academic departments. Please do not change the template for the landing page.

The standard content on the landing page for academic departments is the About content from the Bulletin for that department or program. However, some departments prefer to include this information on an About the Department type of page in their site and provide other information on the department landing page.


Standard Bulletin Links

All academic departments and programs (with the exception of some of the School sites) have standard links at the top of their information architecture that should not be moved or changed. These include Degree Requirements, Course Descriptions, and Faculty. The Associate Dean’s office will have access to the Degree Requirements page; academic support staff will not be responsible for maintaining this content.

The Course Descriptions and Faculty pages will pull content directly from PeopleSoft and Cascade, so academic department support staff will not need to update these pages. On the faculty listing, every full-time faculty member will have a More Information link to a faculty page.


Faculty Pages

All the pages about faculty members are kept in a central location under the Hidden Pages section of the main Pages tab in CMS called Faculty Pages. This was required in order to facilitate the automated link out of Cascade on the faculty listing pages. Academic department support staff may edit their faculty pages in this location. Please note that in cases where a faculty member teaches in more than one department, all the departments involved will be able to edit the faculty member’s page. This will allow various support staff to enter departmental-specific information on that faculty member’s page, such as office hours or course materials.

A page is been created in this section for every full-time faculty member, as well as a few adjunct faculty members in departments such as Music who maintain pages for all their faculty members. The URLs for these pages are set to the faculty member’s university username to enable the URL to be unique and auto-generated for the Cascade listing.