CMS Training & Reference Modules

This series of video modules has been created to walk new CMS users through using the system to edit the university website. CMS users can also use these modules to refresh their memory on how to perform specific functions in the CMS.

New users should take all 8 video training modules and successfully complete an assessment before your CMS account will be established. The number of users in the CMS is in the process of being reduced, so be sure you have approval to become a website editor before taking the training.

Video Module 1: Getting Into the CMS
Includes information about how to log into the CMS, which browsers perform best, and orients the new user to the CMS layout.

Video Module 2: Orientation to the Pages Tab
Includes information about visible, hidden, and archived pages; navigating in the Pages tab; reordering pages; page status; and archiving and restoring pages.

Video Module 3: Page Editing, Part I
Includes information about getting into edit mode, templates, and using Page Features.

Video Module 4: Page Editing, Part II
Includes information about the Page Header, the Page Intro, and the Photo Gallery elements.

Video Module 5: Page Editing, Part III
Includes information about some of the formatting options in the Page Content field: Headings, indenting, line breaks, tables, links, anchors, uploading documents, and adding images inline with text.

Video Module 6: Page Editing, Part IV
Includes information about using Content Blocks and Right-Side Callouts, as well as the Save, Preview, and Publish functions.

Video Module 7: Search Engine Optimization
Includes information about changing a page URL, hiding a page from search, and impacting search engine performance.

Video Module 8: Editing the Properties Tab
Includes information about Navigation and Page Titles; scheduling a page to go live or expire; hiding or showing a page; and changing to a different template.


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