A Word About Tone

Because social media is more and more a part of our daily personal lives, it can be very easy to blur the lines of professionalism when using it at work. When posting content to your Puget Sound social media account(s), always remember that you are an official representative of the college. The nature of social media demands a tone of friendliness and familiarity, but keep it professional. Please keep in mind these guidelines regarding tone:

Be nice.
Do not engage in arguments or heated or extensive debates with your fans, followers, or subscribers. Most social communities have a way of self-policing incendiary commenters. Always take the high road.

Be honest and transparent.
You are posting as part of your professional role at Puget Sound. If you are a student, don’t post as a professor; if you work in athletics, don’t post as if you were an admission counselor. Make it clear in the bio section or information section of your account that the posts are coming from University of Puget Sound.

Have fun.
Social media is not stuffy. It’s OK to have personality in your posts. In fact, it’s essential. Just use your head.

When in doubt, ask.
If you’re unsure about the tone of a planned post, link, photo, etc., ask around. Ask colleagues in your department or feel free to contact the Office of Communications.