Rand Worland

Associate Professor
Director, Dual-Degree Engineering

Rand WorlandRand Worland devotes his experimental research to the field of musical acoustics. He specializes in the use of optical techniques to study the vibrations of musical instruments, with an emphasis on instruments of the percussion family. Research projects have involved the physics of drums, water crotales, cymbals, and vibraphone bars. Worland has written numerous articles and given lectures on the physics of musical instruments. His articles include “Musical Acoustics of Orchestral Water Crotales,” in Journal of Acoustical Society of America (2012); “Demonstrating the Effect of Air Temperature on Wind Instrument Tuning,” in a paper for the Acoustical Society of America; and articles in The Physics Teacher. Worland presented “The Physics of Music: Using Light to Study Sound,” at Tacoma Science Café in 2012 and at events including “Vienna Talk 2010 on Music Acoustics,” and at teachers’ meetings of the American Association of Physics. Worland is a member of the Acoustical Society of America, and of the society's Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics and Committee on Education in Acoustics. He is an associate editor for the society’s Proceedings on Meetings in Acoustics (POMA). Worland teaches in the areas of general physics, modern physics, electromagnetic theory, light and color, physics of music, and experimental physics.


B.A., University of California-Los Angeles, 1977; M.A., Ph.D., University of California-Santa Barbara, 1984, 1989

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