Justin Tiehen

Associate Professor

Justin TiehenJustin Tiehen's research centers on the philosophy of mind and metaphysics, with a special focus on mental causation, physicalism, and the normativity of the mental. His work has been published in journals including Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Studies, The Journal of Philosophy, and Synthese. Tiehen’s dissertation was "Normativism and Mental Causation." His public lectures have included “A Theory of Everything that Exists in the Entire World” (2015), which examined the prospects of the theory that everything is ultimately physical, and focused on problems that might arise using this theory to explain consciousness, morality, and things that do not happen. He teaches in areas including The Philosophy and Science of Human Nature, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology: Theory of Knowledge, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology, and Cognitive Foundations of Morality and Religion.

B.A., University of Chicago, 2000; Ph.D., University of Texas- Austin, 2007

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