J. Brad Reich

Associate Professor
School of Business and Leadership

Brad Reich’s scholarship strives for utilitarian value; he wants his work to have genuine use and application for diverse audiences. He regularly writes law review articles addressing "cyberprocreation," or using the Internet to create human life through mechanisms such as sperm donation, egg donation, embryo acquisition, and surrogacy services. He also writes on legal issues in sports—including the National Letter of Intent (the document many student athletes sign obligating them to play for a school for a year in exchange for financial aid); Title IX (a federal law addressing gender discrimination in athletics and education); and the National Football League’s concussion liability issues.

Reich’s research has been cited in publications from University of Virginia, Harvard University, Vanderbilt University, Stanford University, Georgetown University, Columbia University, and University of California-Berkeley, among others. His teaching philosophy is to prepare students for what happens "next," with “next” meaning their personal and professional lives. To that end he teaches courses such as Law and Ethics, Dispute Resolution, Sports Law, and Never-Never Land. In 2017 he published When is Due Process Due?: Title IX, 'The State,' and Public College and University Sexual Violence Procedures" in Charleston Law Review.


B.B.A., University of Iowa, 1991; J.D. (with Honors), Drake University, 1994; L.L.M., University of Missouri, 2001

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