Siddharth Ramakrishnan

Associate Professor
Jennie M. Caruthers Chair in Neuroscience
Neuroscience Program

Siddharth RamakrishnanSiddharth Ramakrishnan’s research interests span the fields of developmental biology, neuroendocrinology, and sensory-motor integration. He is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Early CAREER award, a five-year grant that is supporting his work exploring modulation of the reproductive axis in the brain by endocrine disruptors. Specifically he has been studying the impact of early embryonic exposure to low doses of the chemical Bisphenol A, which can leach into food from tin cans or certain plastic packaging, pipes, and medical devices. Aside from this work in his lab, he explores effects of stress, hormones, and other chemicals on the development and regulation of the nervous system, and their impact on animal behavior. As a research scientist at Columbia University, Ramakrishnan designed microchips to record from brain cells and used proteins to create bio-batteries and biosensors. While there he also helped design the architecture for a new “biochip,” that is part biological and part electronic. The research was published in Nature Communications (2015). As a postdoctoral researcher at University of California Los Angeles, Ramakrishnan studied the development and physiology of reproductive neurons in the zebrafish brain. Previous work addressed pattern-generating networks in snails and how these elicited various behaviors. Ramakrishnan is interested in the junction between fields such as engineering and biology, art and science, and architecture and biology. He developed the Art+Science collective at Puget Sound, and he has lectured on art and science at UCLA and at the New School of Design, in New York. A fellow of the ART/Science center at UCLA, Ramakrishnan has collaborated with artists and architects on exhibitions and documentaries.

B.E., Birla Institute of Technology & Sciences-India, 2000; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois Chicago, 2002, 2005

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