Jill Nealey-Moore

Associate Professor

Jill Nealey-MooreJill Nealey-Moore’s expertise lies in the intersection of health psychology and clinical psychology, with research interests centering on obesity prevention, mindfulness-based interventions, stress and coping, women's health, and pediatric cancer. She has been engaged in a multi-year effort to develop and pilot mindfulness-based weight loss interventions for use in college students and the general community, and is engaged in studies to understand the roles of cognition, behavior, emotion, and personality in weight management. She is also involved in studies of stress, coping, and personality in pediatric and young-adult populations. For these she has employed physiological measures of cardiovascular reactivity and salivary cortisol as indices of stress. Her findings on weight control, including the effectiveness of mindfulness in alteration of eating behaviors, have been presented at several public lectures and conferences. Nealey-Moore teaches courses in Research Methods and Statistics, Health and Medicine, Human Sexuality, and Practicum in Psychology.

B.A., University of California-Santa Barbara, 1992; M.A., Ph.D., University of Utah, 1997, 2002

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