Kriszta Kotsis

Associate Professor
Art and Art History

Kriszta KotsisKriszta Kotsis is an art historian who teaches ancient and medieval art. Her research focuses on representations of women in the Late Antique and Byzantine periods, with special emphasis on images of empresses. She wrote about images of Byzantine empresses in articles titled “Defining Female Authority in Eight-Century Byzantium: The Numismatic Images of Empress Irene,” in Journal of Late Antiquity (2012), and in“Mothers of the Empire: Empresses Zoe and Theodora on a Byzantine Medallion Cycle,” in Medieval Feminist Forum (2012). Her article in the book, Medieval Culture: A Handbook, Fundamental Aspects and Conditions of the European Middle Ages (2015), examines the history of the Greek Orthodox Church. Her study on Empress Theodora of the ninth century will be in an edited 2016 volume titled Virtuous or Villainess? The Image of the Royal Mother from the Medieval to the Early Modern Era.  Kotsis is preparing further publications on representations of Byzantine empresses. Kotsis teaches courses on Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Western Medieval, and Islamic art.


M.A., Eötvös Loránd University, 1990 (Hungary); Ph.D., University of Washington, 2004

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