Anne Birge James

Professor and Associate Director
School of Occupational Therapy

Anne Birge JamesAnne Birge James began teaching in 1991 after 12 years of clinical experience in adult physical rehabilitation in acute care, rehabilitation, and home-based settings. Her clinical experience has been divided between working with individuals with biomechanical impairments, such as hand injuries and burns, and working with those with neurological impairments, such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, and multiple sclerosis. She has continued clinical practice in home health settings during most of her academic career and has published chapters on evaluating and treating activities of daily living in two primary occupational therapy text books: Willard & Spackman's Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction. James’ research interests focus on identifying optimal educational approaches to prepare occupational therapy students for success in fieldwork and as lifelong learners within the profession. She also is interested in identifying client education strategies that maximize collaboration and positive outcomes within occupational therapy practice. James has recently been working on developing student assessments that examine "soft skills" in students, such as their epistemologies, therapeutic use of self, metacognitive skills, and clinical reasoning.


B.S., Western Michigan University, 1978; M.S., Boston University, 1987; Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2005

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