Kent Hooper

German Studies

Kent Hooper has published on semiotic theory in interart discourse; on the German Expressionist multiple-talented artists Ernst Barlach and Wassily Kandinsky; and on the influence of Acoma and Hopi Pueblo culture on the contemporary German-born graphic artist Bert van Bork. More recently his research and teaching interests have included digital humanities and children's literature. He participated in Project Bamboo, which selected his online bibliography of secondary literature by Ernst Barlach as a demonstrator project. He also participated in the early development of the Tapas Project, a TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) publishing and repository service for scholars and others who want to publish their materials in different forms to ensure it remains accessible over time. Hooper was instrumental at Puget Sound in the creation of digital humanities, a course co-developed and co-taught by teams of librarians, educational technologists, faculty colleagues, and industry professionals. Hooper is developing a fully searchable online archive of illustrated versions of Mother Goose rhymes. He has taught courses in German language and literature and in the Humanities Program, which he directed from 2008-2014.


B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1980, 1980, 1986

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