Mark Harpring

Hispanic Studies

Mark Harpring is a co-author of Voces de España, 2nd Edition, a literary anthology that introduces students to the major writers and literary movements in Spain, covering the Middle Ages through the 21st century. The second edition contains new essays and materials that reflect the creation and evolution of ideas and attitudes toward Spanish identity. Harpring also edited Studies in Honor of Vernon Chamberlin, a collection of essays on 19th-century Spanish literature written by recognized scholars in the field. He has published articles on 19th-century Spanish literature, with a focus on issues related to masculinity. His interests also include Spanish language pedagogy, and he recently co-authored, along with his colleague Josefa Lago, a workbook that accompanies the 6th edition of Conexiones, an intermediate Spanish-language textbook. Recently Harping has been working on a project tentatively titled “Strike a Pose: The Body on Display in Modern Spain,” as well as research on 19th- and early 20th-century postmortem photography in Spain and Mexico.

B.A., Butler University, 1996; M.A., Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1998, 2004

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