Lea Fortmann

Assistant Professor

Lea FortmannLea Fortmann’s expertise is in environmental economics and international sustainable development, including work in the areas of community forest management, climate change (reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation), and time use. She pursued research in Ethiopia in 2009 and 2010, conducting a household survey to evaluate the impact of increased access to improved water sources on rural villages’ households’ use of time. She has also conducted research in Guatemala to assess the effectiveness of community forest concessions on reducing deforestation in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Fortmann served in the U.S. Peace Corps for two years in Zambia, where she focused on rural aquaculture development. She co-published “Pictorial Approaches for Measuring Time Use in Ethiopia,” in Social Indicators Research (2012).


B.A., Gonzaga University, 2003; M.P.A. University of Washington, 2007; Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2014

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