Amy Fisher

Assistant Professor
Science, Technology, and Society

Amy FisherAmy Fisher specializes in the history and philosophy of the physical sciences, in particular, electrical science and technology. She is interested in the pathways to scientific discovery, including how technology can mimic natural systems in plants and animals, and in interdisciplinary approaches to science. She is exploring whether there exists a kind of logic of scientific discovery that is potentially replicable. As part of this, Fisher is examining the different ways that electricians—an eighteenth-century term that denoted anyone who systematically studied electrical phenomena—learned about and explained electrical action. Some of their methods included chemical studies of electrical behavior, physical measures of electric charge and strength, and biological experiments analyzing physiological responses to electricity. Her teaching includes courses in Scientific Controversies, Technology and Culture, Better Living Through Chemistry, and Science and Politics. Fisher wrote Knowledge and its Limits, a popular essay on applications of technology to solve human problems in Arches magazine in 2016. Fisher has been working on a project tentatively titled “Switching Polarities: Electrical Science and Technology in the 18th and 19th Centuries.”


B.S., Mount Allison University, 1999; M.S., University of Calgary, 2002; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2010

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