Monica C. DeHart

Sociology and Anthropology

Monica DeHartMonica DeHart’s work focuses on the cultural politics of economic development in Latin America. Her current work takes up the question of how China’s increasing presence in Latin America is changing the definitions, practices, and politics of economic development in the region. Her study of transpacific relations highlights what ethnographic research can offer to analyses of international relations, bringing into view the role of diasporic communities and transnational identity politics. This work builds on more than 20 years of fieldwork in Central America, including earlier research on indigenous development organizations in Guatemala and United Nations' sponsored projects with Latinos in the United States. She is especially interested in the role that gender, class, and ethnic difference play in shaping identities and power relations within transnational communities and development projects. DeHart published the book Ethnic Entrepreneurs: Identity and Development in Latin America (Stanford University Press, 2010). She co-wrote the book chapter “Migration and Tourism: People on the Move,” in Introduction to International Political Economy, 5th Ed. (2010). Her articles have included “Costa Rica’s Chinatown: The Art of Being Global in the Age of China,” (City & Society, 2015).  DeHart teaches in the areas of cultural anthropology, Latin America identity politics, transnational migration and diasporas, China and Latin America transpacific development, and social and cultural change.


B.A., University of California-Davis, 1994; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University, 1997, 2001

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