Kenneth Clark


Ken ClarkKenneth Clark’s research interests are centered on the stratigraphy, structure, and geochemistry of lavas in the Olympic Peninsula, and on the tectonic evolution of the Pacific Northwest. He oversees the department’s thin section lab; the physical geology lab; the collections of rocks, thin sections, slides, and maps; and the displays. He is mapping a thick section of basaltic lavas and sedimentary interbeds in the southern Olympic Peninsula called the “Crescent formation". He maps rock exposures along logging roads, ridge crests, and valley floors to unravel the structural history of the Crescent formation. He is also researching how the formation came to be, by studying its petrology, stratigraphy, petrography, and geochemistry. He teaches physical geology and geologic field methods.


B.A., Central Washington University, 1984; M.S., Western Washington University, 1988

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