William Breitenbach


William BreitenbachWilliam Breitenbach teaches U.S. history from the colonial period through the Civil War, including courses on early American autobiography, the revolution, transcendentalism, Lincoln, witchcraft in colonial New England, and intellectual history to 1865, as well as the historical methods course. He has scholarly interests in the theologian Jonathan Edwards and the utopian John Humphrey Noyes, who founded a utopian community at Oneida, made up of biblicists who expounded economic and sexual communism. The Oneida members created preserved foods, silk, chains, and a silverware business that survives today. Breitenbach has been working on a project tentatively titled “Pairings: A collection of comparisons of mismatched American texts.”


B.A., Harvard University, 1971; M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University, 1975, 1978

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