Luc Boisvert

Assistant Professor

Luc BoisvertLuc Boisvert’s research interests include catalysis and organic, organometallic, and green chemistry, with an eye toward sustainability. He has worked on the development of more efficient and sustainable ways to form chemicals, mainly through the development of new homogeneous catalysts for organic synthesis. His publications include “Insertion of Molecular Oxygen into a Palladium (II) Methyl Bond: A Radical Chain Mechanism Involving Palladium (III) Intermediates,” and “A Chiral Auxiliary Cleavable by Ring-Closing Alkene Metathesis–Efficient Synthesis of Chiral Nonracemic Cycloalkenes.” Recently, Boisvert and his students have been working on a project tentatively titled “Green Chemistry: Development of Catalysts for Hydrogenation and Amide-Forming Reactions.”


B.S., Ph.D., Sherbrooke University-Canada, 1999, 2006

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