Michael Benveniste

Assistant Professor

Michael BenvenisteMichael Benveniste’s  research and teaching focuses on 20th-century and contemporary American fiction. His scholarly interests include multi-ethnic U.S. literatures, materialist and sociological approaches to literature, narrative theory and theories of fiction, and Cold War culture. In particular, Benveniste is interested in the relationship between Cold War political thought, the institutionalization of literary production, and experimental narrative form in the U.S. novel. He is a contributor to Project Muse, a leading provider of digital humanities and social sciences content. Co-authored articles include “Defending Pluralism: The Chicago School and the Case of Tom Jones (New Literary History, 2010) and “A Scientific Justification for Literature: Jane Austen’s Free Indirect Style as Ethical Tool (Journal of Narrative Theory, 2013). His dissertation was titled “The American Ideology: Cold War Anti-Materialism in U.S. Fiction and Politics, 1950–2010.” Benveniste teaches courses in 20th-century and post-1945 U.S. Fiction, such as Race and Realism Since 1945, Detective Fiction, Labor and Identity in the U.S. Novel, and Contemporary Historical Fiction.

B.A., M.A., University of California-Santa Barbara, 2000, 2003; Ph.D., Stanford University, 2012

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