Robert A. Beezer

Mathematics and Computer Science

Rob BeezerRobert Beezer is a pioneer author of open textbooks, harnessing his expertise teaching undergraduate mathematics to pursue projects providing free textbooks with open licenses for use in undergraduate and graduate courses worldwide. Grants from the National Science Foundation, Shuttleworth Foundation, American Institute of Mathematics, and Open Oregon have supported recent efforts to develop a self-publishing platform that creates multiple electronic formats (PDF, HTML, EPUB, etc.) from a single source format. His first open textbook, A First Course in Linear Algebra (2005), has been used by professors in universities across the country and overseas. The book also was included on a list of approved open source education materials for the state of California. Beezer has given many talks, presentations, and workshops on open source publishing. His research interests are in combinatorics, especially algebraic graph theory and block designs. He teaches courses on calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, discrete mathematics, combinatorics, and cryptography.


B.S., University of Santa Clara, 1978; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1982, 1984

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