Gareth Barkin

Associate Professor
Sociology and Anthropology, and Asian Studies

Gareth BarkinGareth Barkin is a cultural anthropologist with research interests in visual and media anthropology; study abroad; short-term, faculty-led study abroad; experiential learning; Southeast Asia; Indonesia; representations of Islam; technology and ethnographic methods; and the ethnography of elites. He has conducted research on the television industry in Indonesia, looking at how producers create models of citizenship and Muslim identity through commercial programming, and how culturally isolated communities, such as Christians in a Muslim country, use television to insulate themselves. Recent research focuses on the commercialization of short-term study abroad. He has published articles on topics including short-term, faculty-led study abroad; global health programming and the Indonesian state; and on how television producers mediate Islamic representation in Indonesia. Barkin’s teaching focuses on the anthropology of media; popular culture in Southeast Asia, Islam in Southeast Asia, visual anthropology, and television and culture. Barkin has been working on a multi-publication project that ethnographically investigates the rise of short-term study abroad programs at U.S. universities, and their provision by commercial travel companies, focusing on how this shift affects student experience and learning abroad. The project also examines the influence of health and safety concerns on study abroad representation and provision.


B.A., University of California, 1995; A.M., Ph.D., Washington University, 2000, 2004

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