Get Your Project Started

The Office of Communications provides resources and tools to help you share your chapter of Puget Sound's story. We look forward to working with you!

If you have questions, contact or 253.879.3298.

Communications Requests

The request form captures information from you about your department's needs. This form is received by Communications project managers, who will contact you to discuss ideas about how to meet your goals.

Production Schedules

When a project is ready to move forward and all materials have been received, the Office of Communications will develop a production schedule that allows time for proofreading, design, revision, and printing.

The general guidelines listed below indicate the time between receiving your request form and delivering the final product to your department. Timelines may be shortened for recurring projects or special circumstances.

2 weeks      Signs, fliers, certificates
3 weeks      Posters, postcards
4 weeks      Info sheets, stickers, buttons, brochures, programs
5 weeks      Banners
6 weeks      Cards or invitations
8 weeks      Large projects (magazines, welcome packets, etc.)


Printed Materials

The Office of Communications bids projects to appropriate vendors and oversees all aspects of the printing process. 11" x 17" color posters cost $1 each (no bleed) or $1.25 each (full bleed) to print.

Looking for business cards or letterhead? Print and Copy Services awaits your call. Order directly at or 253.879.3446.

Distribution and Mailing

Campus Poster Distribution: 11" x 17" color posters are $1 (no bleed) or $1.25 (full bleed) each to print. On-campus distribution to designated poster display areas in academic and campus buildings is handled by ASUPS and requires approximately 40 posters. Distribution to residence halls and houses is handled by the Office of Residence Life and requires approximately 60 posters.

Off-campus Poster Distribution: 11" x 17" color posters are $1 (no bleed) or $1.25 (full bleed) each to print, and cost a little more than $1 each to distribute to area coffee houses, bookstores, libraries, etc. through Inform Puget Sound. This service typically distributes 100–120 posters. Posters take about a week to be distributed and must be ready for pickup at least three weeks before your event.

Mailing: If materials are mailed from campus, you are responsible for coordinating mailing lists, postage, and mailing. If you would like a recommendation for an off-campus mail house, please contact

Web Support

For day-to-day website support, minor edits, or CMS (Content Management System) training, contact the web manager at or 253.879.2691. For larger website projects, please use the communications request form.