Contact Communications Staff

Gayle McIntosh
     Gayle McIntosh
Vice President for Communications and Chief of Staff

Marketing and Communications

Visibility and engagement strategy with a focus on the audience experience

Katie Barosky
  Katie Barosky
Director of Marketing and Communications 
Katie oversees content development and project management, and is the project lead for engaging Logger alumni, donors, and parents.
Heather DeRosa  

Heather DeRosa

Production Coordinator


Heather keeps the wheels on, managing all project timelines, approvals, and workflow.

Chris Krull
  Chris Krull
Marketing Communications Specialist
Chris focuses on marketing strategies for all audiences and serves as the primary contact for enrollment and student affairs. 
Michaela Alden   Michaela Alden
Production Specialist
Michaela is the central contact for campus lecture series, performances, guest artists, and more. If it's happening at Puget Sound, she not only knows about it, but will probably help promote it.


Brand management, including visual and audio communication, graphic standards, and graphic design

Julie Reynolds
  Julie Reynolds
Creative Director
Julie leads Puget Sound's creative team, stewarding our visual identity, photography and videography, and graphic design for all projects, including Arches alumni magazine.
  Charis Hensley
Graphic Designer
Sometimes known as "The Poster Queen," Charis creates and designs a variety of print and electronic communications and video projects.
Ross Mulhausen
  Ross Mulhausen
Ross provides campus photography upon request. Please contact Ross in advance to book him for an event or photo shoot.
Barbara Weist   Barbara Weist
Web Specialist
Barb is the strategic mind behind Puget Sound's website. She produces webpages, content, and usability features; manages our content management system; and provides web tools, templates, and training.


Written communication and storytelling, champions of the Puget Sound voice

    Editorial Director
The Editorial Director is the go-to person for anything and everything related to the quarterly magazine for alumni and friends of the college.
Shirley Skeel
  Shirley Skeel
Media Relations Specialist
Shirley gathers information and writes and pitches stories to external media, as well as for the website and other channels.
  Sarah Stall
Associate Editorial Director/Interim Editorial Director
Sarah is primary manager of the university style guide, and specializes in online content and social media.
  Cathy Tollefson
Associate Editor
Cathy oversees the business management and Class Notes section of Arches magazine, is secondary manager of the university style guide, and edits or proofreads projects as needed.