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Gayle McIntosh

Gayle McIntosh
Vice President for Communications and Chief of Staff

Michaela Alden ’13, production specialist   Michaela Alden ’13
Production Specialist
Michaela manages a variety of campus projects and provides campuswide support for development of communications plans, email campaigns, event promotion, and more.
Katie Barosky
  Katie Barosky
Associate Vice President for Communications
Katie oversees the activities of the department, including visibility and engagement strategies, content development, and project management, and is the project lead for engaging Logger alumni, donors, and parents.
Sy Bean, photographer/videographer   Sy Bean
Sy provides campus photography upon request. Please contact Sy in advance to book him for an event or photo shoot.
Charis Hensley, graphic designer   Charis Hensley
Graphic Designer
Charis creates and designs a variety of print and electronic communications and video projects.
Dimitri Mihalopoulos, director of marketing operations  

Dimitri Mihalopoulos

Director of Marketing Operations


Dimitri keeps the wheels on, providing project management, supervising workflow, and managing digital marketing initiatives, including development of the Puget Sound website. (If you're not sure whom to contact, start with Dimitri!)

Julie Reynolds
  Julie Reynolds
Creative Director
Julie leads Puget Sound's creative team, stewarding our visual identity, photography and videography, and graphic design for all projects, including Arches alumni magazine.
Sarah Stall, associate editorial director   Sarah Stall
Associate Editorial Director
Sarah writes for Arches, is the primary manager of the university style guide, and specializes in online content and social media.
Barbara Weist   Barbara Weist
Web Specialist
Barb is the wizard behind Puget Sound's website. She produces webpages, content, and usability features; manages our content management system; and provides web tools, templates, and training.