Take that!

Need a photo or some video? We can do that.

Scheduling a Photo Shoot
Special photographic requests or separately scheduled photo shoots may be commissioned. Complete the online Photo Request Form at least three weeks in advance.

Photographer's Rate: $48 per hour

Travel and Mileage: Off-campus assignments are subject to travel time to and from the photo shoot location. Travel time is included in the total time billed for the photo shoot. Mileage reimbursement is billed at the university standard rate per mile.

Scheduling Notice: Request your photo shoot as early as possible. Include your budget code to reserve the date and time. You will receive confirmation of your reservation from the university photographer. A minimum of 15 business days is requested for all commissioned photo shoots.

Special equipment needs will be considered and charged (if applicable) on an individual basis.

The Office of Communications retains the right to use images from commissioned photo shoots in online and/or printed materials in promotion of the college.

Freelance Photography
If the Office of Communications is unable to accommodate your photography request, or you would like to work with an outside photographer, please contact our creative services director at design@pugetsound.edu or 253.879.2984.