Meet Our Team

Gayle McIntosh, Vice President for Communications and Chief of Staff  Julie Reynolds, Creative Director  Katie Barosky, Director of Marketing and Communications Stacey Cook, Editorial Director    Anneli Fogt, Managing Editor  Sarah Stall, Associate Editorial Director  Barbara Weist, Web Specialist  Sy Bean, Photographer/Videographer  Charis Hensley, Graphic Designer  Michaela Alden, Production Specialist  Dimitri Mihalopoulos, Project Manager


Communications staff by team/title

Gayle McIntosh
Vice President for Communications and Chief of Staff
253.879.3905 |

Marketing and Communications Team

Creators of visibility and engagement strategies, identifying audience needs and communications opportunities 

Katie Barosky
Director of Marketing and Communications 
253.879.3292 |

Dimitri Mihalopoulos
Project Manager
253.879.3298 |

Michaela Alden '13 
Production Specialist
253.879.3582 |

Creative Team

Brand management and institutional identity, including visual, audio, and electronic communication, design, and imagery

Julie Reynolds
Creative Director
253.879.2984 |

Charis Hensley
Graphic Designer
253.879.3297 |

Sy Bean
253.879.3765 |

Barbara Weist
Web Specialist
253.879.2691 |

Editorial Team

Develops storytelling across all platforms and audiences; keeper of university messaging and editorial standards

Stacey Cook
Editorial Director
253.879.3318 |

Anneli Fogt
Managing Editor
253.879.2762 |

Sarah Stall
Associate Editorial Director
253.879.2673 |