Email Signatures

As a faculty or staff member, your email signature is an extension of Puget Sound's letterhead and stationery system. Using consistent signatures in email accounts is an opportunity for campus members to align electronic communications with the university's visual identity and helps create a cohesive experience for all who interact with the Puget Sound online. Additionally clear and consistent email signatures present a professional appearance for conducting business through email.

The following are recommended guidelines for faculty and staff members using an email account:

  • Font: Use Arial, except for "University of Puget Sound," which should be Times and all caps.
  • Avoid images, logos, and vCards: Most email clients process these as attachments, and many block messages as a result by default. This includes the Puget Sound logo and logos for social media platforms.
  • Social media: Feel free to promote Puget Sound's main social media accounts or those of your office, department, or group. Links are preferred over social media icons or platform logos.
  • Less is more: Email signatures should be fewer than 12 lines. Use pipes (|) to separate multiple elements on the same line, such as social media links.
  • URL conventions: There is no need to include "www." in a URL unless the URL won't work without it. For example use instead of
  • Do not include the following in email signatures:
    • Personal information, such as personal websites, personal blog addresses, quotes, department tag lines, etc. (Links to personal sites and blogs related to your work at Puget Sound are OK.)
    • Links to or logos of websites, groups, or organizations not related to Puget Sound.
    • Background images or decorative elements, such as clipart, graphics, emoticons, etc.
    • The email address from which the email message was sent.

If you have any questions or concerns about email signatures, or if you would like to discuss incorporating a special logo into your signaure, please contact Michaela Alden ’13 at or x3582.

Standard Email Signature Format

Name | Title

Office or Department Name
1500 N. Warner St. #xxxx
Tacoma, WA 98416-xxxx
T: 253.879.xxxx
Fax or cell number (optional)

University or department social media links: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter (optional)


Sample Email Signature

Michaela Alden ’13 | Production Specialist

Office of Communications
1500 N. Warner St. #1041
Tacoma, WA 98416-1041
T: 253.879.3582

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