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The Classmates editor is Cathy Tollefson ’83, P'17. You can call her at 253.879.2762 or send her email at

Where do class notes come from? 
About half come directly from you, either in letters or in email updates. The rest are compiled from a variety of public sources such as newspaper and magazine clippings, and press releases sent to us by employers when, for example, a Puget Sound grad at the company gets a new job. We publish Classmates information both in the print edition of Arches and on the Web in the online version. It is our policy not to publish pregnancy or engagement announcements, or candidacies for political office. However, we are happy to print news of births, marriages, and elections to office. Classmates submissions are edited for style, clarity, and length. We put a lot of effort into making sure entries are accurate, but sometimes we slip up. Please let us know if you see incorrect information published in Classmates.

High-resolution digital photos or prints preferred. Kindly identify alumni in the snapshot. Also, please, for baby pictures, include alumni parents in the photo.

Publication deadlines
Aug. 15 for the autumn issue
Nov. 15 for winter
Feb. 15 for spring
May 15 for summer