Surf city

Picture perfect
In BUS 490, Assistant Professor of Business and Leadership Lynnette Claire requires her students to study local entrepreneurs by interviewing them for 10-minute documentary films. Then, toward the end of the semester, the class puts on a film festival to showcase its work.

“It’s fun for the students to learn a new skill,” says Professor Claire. “They already do a lot of writing here. The camera gives them an opportunity to explore the work of entrepreneurs in fine detail—over and over again as they edit.”

Several recent films are posted on Claire’s Web page, including one on Jesse Proudman ’07, who is financing his education with his own fast-growing Web-hosting business.

See it and videos on the chairman of the boards for a Tacoma hardwood flooring company, and the owners and patrons of the Mandolin Café, the closest thing to a beatnik coffee house we’ve got in the North End.


Fishing for compliments
Never one to fall behind the times, Willy, the decidedly skinny (he’s just a skeleton, after all) juvenile grey whale hanging from the ceiling of the Harned Hall lobby, now has his own page on MySpace. Among things you’ll find by checking out the site:

  • Favorite music — “Rock Lobster” by the B-52s and “Moby Dick” by Led Zeppelin
  • Favorite films — What else: Free Willy
  • Favorite TV — Says Willy: “Currently the only thing I watch on TV is the clip of Harned Hall being built and examples of ‘science on display’ shown in a continuous loop on the lobby monitor. I am sick of it.”
  • Zodiac sign — Aquarius
  • Listed in friends — Dr. Drew!