Three Watsons!
The Thomas J. Watson Foundation awarded fellowships to three members of the Class of 2007. No college or university received more Watson fellowships this year than UPS.

Zorba Leslie, a politics and government major from Tacoma, will travel to Chile, South Africa, Rwanda, and Cambodia to assess methods of securing justice in post-conflict societies. 

Kendra Loebs, a biology major from Lakefield, Minn., will travel to Morocco, India, Thailand, Japan, and Tonga to see how healers combine ancient therapies such as massage, anatomical manipulation, and acupressure with metaphysical understanding in the management of chronic pain.

Leif Rasmuson, a biology major from Sebastopol, Calif., received the award for his proposal to study the transition from traditional to commercial fisheries and its resulting impact on culture in Japan, Norway, Australia, and Chile. For family reasons Rasmuson has declined the award.

The Watson Foundation was established in 1968 to give graduating seniors an opportunity for a focused year of study of their own design.

“The awards are long-term investments in people, not research,” says Rosemary Macedo, executive director of the Watson program. “We look for students likely to lead or innovate in the future and give them extraordinary independence in pursuing their interests. They must have passion, creativity, and a feasible plan.”

Leslie, Loebs, and Rasmuson were chosen from among 179 national finalists. Since beginning its affiliation with the Watson Foundation in 1993, Puget Sound has produced 18 Watson fellows.

From slab to frame in just five days
Faculty, staff, and students traveled to Mobile, Ala., during spring break in March to help with Habitat for Humanity’s Hurricane Katrina rebuilding efforts. On the crew from UPS: Instructor in Mathematics Alison Radcliffe Paradise ’82, Professor of Business and Leadership Jeff Matthews, Franny Allen ’08, Jessica Baloun ’10, Liz Becker ’07, Malia Delacruz ’08, Alana Eakin ’10, Tanner Eggleston ’10, Erica French ’10, Chloe Horner ’10, Sam Kelley ’10, Eric Lanigan ’10, Katie Lind ’09, Emily Olsen ’09, Clay Ross ’09, Stephanie Schuster ’08, Pauline Seng ’08, Katelyn Stearns ’10, Sam Kelley’s parents, Kathy Kelley and Rick Sonnenberg, and Mike Farley, a Habitat volunteer from Tacoma.