Keeping the Faith

A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living: One Woman's Story of Living with Cancer through Love, Support, and Faith
Collected by Elizabeth Deeths ‘01
308 pages, Tate Publishing & Enterprises,

Mimi Deeths was 45 years old when she learned she had metastatic cancer of the liver, a diagnosis that carried an all-but-certain death sentence. What followed was a grueling series of surgeries and chemotherapy treatments that prompted back, heart, and lung complications, taking a heavy physical toll. But rather than rely on those around her to get through, Deeths—a woman of deep religious convictions, with a large, loving family and wonderful friends—actually imparted strength to others, giving talks, writing letters of encouragement to the terminally ill, and meeting her many challenges with “grace and beauty.”

Upon Deeths’ death in February 2004, her daughter Elizabeth, a 2001 Puget Sound graduate, began gathering her speeches, letters, and journal entries, along with poems, thank you notes, and recollections from friends, doctors, and family members. The result is A Life Worth Living, an emotional, inspirational tribute to Deeths’ life.

— Andy Boynton

5 Steps to a 5

5 Steps to a 5: AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics
Eric Dodge ‘90
256 pages, McGraw-Hill,

Targeted to high-school seniors, this guidebook provides a five-point plan for acing the Advanced Placement program’s microeconomics and macroeconomics exams, exploring everything from marginal cost to the multiplier effect. Dodge, who teaches economics at Indiana’s Hanover College and chairs the school’s Department of Economics and Business, shows obvious passion for the material, but concedes readers may not be quite so zealous. “I am a realist. You want to know what it takes to earn a ‘5’” and college credit, “not necessarily the finer points of the Federal Reserve System.” Packed with information, yet highly readable, the book in essence serves as a handy overview of economic theory. Included are sample exams, practice questions, and time-management techniques, along with a fast-track strategy for students cramming at the last minute.

— Andy Boynton


Beyond the Flames

Beyond the Flames: A Family Touched by Fire
Heather Smith Thomas ‘66
356 pages, Oak Tree Press,

Late one night in July 2000, Thomas and her husband, Lynn, were in bed at their Salmon, Idaho, cattle ranch when the phone rang. Their daughter, Andrea, celebrating the Fourth with friends, had been critically injured in a wildfire set off by a stray bottle rocket; severe burns covered more than 50 percent of her body, with third-degree burns on her arms and legs. They raced to the local hospital, only to watch helplessly as Andrea was airlifted to a burn center in Salt Lake City, 380 miles away. Months of grim, gut-wrenching medical treatment followed, with Andrea clinging to life and to the support of friends and family members who worried they’d lose her “if we slipped out even just to go to the bathroom.” But, as Thomas reveals in this impressive, inspiring book, the event proved to be life-affirming for Andrea, and forced family members to summon strength they didn’t know they had. Thomas, author of numerous guidebooks on horses and a regular contributor to livestock magazines, enlivens the story with recollections from eyewitnesses.

— Andy Boynton