Surf city

Two websites caught our fancy as the fall term began:
This Web log, created by Puget Sound Associate Professor of Politics and Government Patrick O’Neil, was set up to bring current students and P&G alumni together. (A weekly e-mail message summarizing contents goes out to everyone who provides an address.) Its content is a free-ranging combination of news items of interest to P&G students, introductions of new faculty members in the department, the occasional offbeat campus photograph, random thoughts, and even “profiles” of alumni, including one on Derek Young ’96, who created a Web site of his own on all things Tacoma.
Which brings us to If you live or work in T-town and care even a little bit about what goes on around here, this site is for you. Derek Young’s blog, which takes its name from the downtown Tacoma exit on I-5, is part news digest, part social observer, and part town meeting, with a heavy emphasis on the uses and abuses of property as the city continues to ride a wave of revitalization. The site is getting a lot of buzz.