The original SUB
What memories the Tacoma News Tribune story of August 13 brought back—the first student union building, Kittredge Hall, opened in the fall of 1941. (See “Suspended in Time,” page 10 in this issue of Arches.)

Don Murphy ’42 and I surveyed the site for the building in the spring of 1941. I was the first manager of the SUB. Our “dime dances” after games and plays and the daily “sock dances” brought in so much money via the Wurlitzer that Friday dancing was free. The “Activities” section of the 1941 Tamanawas has two pages on the brick sale. It was a great effort for such a small school.

Frank Walter ’42
Des Moines, Washington

First it was Pat’s
I read with interest your article in the spring 2005 issue about Magoo’s Tavern. I’m sure it brought back memories for many former students. However, for thousands of alumni who attended UPS prior to the ’70s, you failed to mention one very important detail. Many of us will always simply refer to our beloved tavern on 21st Street as Pat’s. It was named for its owner, Pat Halloran, who held court there for many years and who, along with his wife, Vivian, served as surrogate parents to at least a couple of generations of Loggers. All the memorabilia and old UPS photos you referred to were collected and displayed by Pat over the years, and Vivian and he took a genuine interest in the multitude of students who frequented their premises. It was truly an institution “where everybody knew your name.”

Rick Stockstad ’70

Dying of embarrassment
A number of readers noticed a mistake in our article about the Antique Sandwich Company [Summer 2005]. We meant to say that the Herridges were making more time these days for “textile weaving and dyeing,” not dying, as was printed.


In the Scrapbook section of the summer issue, we incorrectly labeled an alumni event hosted by Brad Andonian ’90 and Charles Grinstein ’90 as taking place at “Andonian Rug.” In fact the store is Pande-Cameron of Seattle.