A few alumni who rock: Evan Foster '93 and Nick Contento '94

Text by Linda Claycamp, Illustrations by Stan Shaw

The Boss Martians formed in 1992 as a garage-rock/surf band when UPS student Evan Foster answered an ad seeking a guitar player-singer to form a surf revival combo. The following year Evan recruited Kappa Sigma fraternity brother Nick Contento to join the band and play organ. Evan, Nick, and two other members have been performing as the Boss Martians ever since and the band’s reputation continues to grow. In this year alone, the Boss Martians released their fourth album, Making the Rounds; performed more than 50 concerts by August, including 23 dates in Europe; shot their first video; and are currently back on the road, touring across America. The dynamic Boss Martians have evolved from a mainly instrumental surf band to a straight-up rock and roll group, hitting garage-punk and alternative/pop styles along the way.
Anyone who was living in Seward Hall during the 1989-90 school year would have expected no less from Evan. He sheepishly recalls, “I wasn’t especially popular [in Seward] because I would lock myself in my room on the fourth floor, plug in my guitar, crank up the amp until the walls shook, and then obliviously play away until people started slipping threatening notes under my door.”

In a reversal of consequence, when Evan and Nick perform now they actually become more popular.