A Logger look for The Cellar

ASUPS wants you for revamped Cellar decorations

Are your old Logger track spikes gathering dust? Do you have pictures of Puget Sound classmates and professors? Is your too-small fraternity sweater just taking up space in your closet? Got a Logger Day/Spring Weekend t-shirt you are willing to part with?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Ryan Mello ’01, president of the Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound (ASUPS), wants to talk to you.

ASUPS recently entered into a partnership with Dining and Conference Services (DCS) to run and revamp The Cellar in Wheelock Student Center.

"The Cellar has been around for a long time, but not a lot has been done in recent years to make it an attractive place for students to hang out," says Mello.

DCS is coming up with new menu items (not to worry, pizza and the Logger Sandwich will still be offered) and will handle staffing issues.

ASUPS is taking the lead on programming, marketing and remodeling. Their decorating theme? Logger memorabilia. (This is where you come in!)

Mello and his crew want to decorate The Cellar by covering the walls with all things Puget Sound. "We’re looking for uniforms, beanies, notebooks, textbooks, old photos, Greek stuff, pennants … basically anything alumni are willing to part with," says Mello. "We want to renew a sense of spirit and pride on campus, and we think this is one way to do it. Students will be able to come down to The Cellar and eat a pizza and be surrounded by this great sense of tradition.

Renovation of The Cellar is an ongoing process and Mello expects it may take as long as five years before the walls are completely covered with Logger memories.

"We’re putting in new booths, lighting and carpeting now, and we’re painting over the dirty beige walls with white paint and maroon trim," says Mello. "But we hope that before too long we’ll have so much cool stuff to display that you won’t even see any of the white paint anymore." – Mary Boone

If you have Logger memorabilia you’d like to donate, call the ASUPS office at 253.879.3600, or write to: ASUPS / WSC210, 1500 N. Warner Street, Tacoma, WA 98416. Please be aware that ASUPS cannot guarantee that all donations will be displayed nor can any donations be returned. ASUPS would be grateful if donors would include with their submission a written description of the item, the year it was on campus and, if there is a story behind the material, a brief account.