Top Five Wines From Lesser-Known Areas of the World

Good wine is grown all over the world, sometimes in unexpected places, says Pierre Ly, associate professor of international political economy and co-author of Adventures on the China Wine Trail. “Just look around Asia," he says. "There’s good Indian wine, good Thai wine. I’m looking forward to trying wine from Bali.”

Here are Ly’s top picks from emerging wine regions, including China, Thailand, India, and Mexico:

Grace Vineyard Marselan, Shanxi province, China. “One of our favorite wineries in China. Marselan is a lesser-known red grape variety from the south of France, now showing promise in China.” 

Puchang Winery Beichun, Xinjiang, China. “Beichun is a Northern China hybrid red grape variety, and Puchang makes delicious wines in challenging conditions.” 

Monsoon Valley White, Thailand. “Cynthia and I once enjoyed this at a Thai restaurant in London, before we even thought of doing Chinese wine research.” 

Grover Zampa Vineyards La Reserve, India. “We’ve enjoyed several wines by this winery, and they are available in a few places in the U.S., including Seattle.” 

Villa Montefiori Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico. “Delicious—and available in Washington state.” 

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By Starre Vartan
Illustration by Mariko Jesse
Published May 25, 2020