Winners announced!

Winners announced!

Thank you to everyone who nominated Loggers who have achieved success on their own terms for a chance to win our limited-edition IMAGINE #LikeALogger tote bag! Six sets of nominators and nominees were drawn on Friday, June 21.

Imagine Tote Bag Giveaway

We're exploring how Loggers define success through the stories of alumni who have achieved it on their own terms.  

In the spring issue of Arches magazine, and through stories online and in social media, we're celebrating the dreamers who imagine new possibilities with creativity, courage, and sheer determination—those who imagine a new path for themselves, then take it.

Know anyone like that? Yeah, we thought so.


Enter to win

From June 13 to June 20, nominate a Logger who has achieved success on their own terms, and you both will be entered to win our limited-edition IMAGINE #LikeALogger tote bag. Winners will be announced Friday, June 21, on university social media.

Imagine #likealogger tote bagHow to nominate a Logger

  1. Think about all the Loggers you know.
  2. Pick one (or more!) and post on social media with a sentence or two explaining what about them inspires you, what makes you proud to know them, or what makes them successful—or look for our posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and share your nomination in a comment or reply.
  3. Tag University of Puget Sound (@univpugetsound) in your posts and use "Imagine #LikeALogger. #PSsuccess" to be entered.

Fine print

  • You may nominate more than one Logger, but each nomination must be a separate post/comment/reply.
  • Nominated individuals must be Puget Sound alumni (attended the college for at least one academic year and left or graduated in good standing).
  • Names will be entered in the prize drawing as nomination pairs: nominator and nominee. If the same Logger is nominated by more than one person, each nomination will be entered in the drawing.



Winners Announced

Six sets of nominators/nominees were drawn Friday, June 21, and will receive our limited-edition IMAGINE #LikeALogger tote bag. Congratulations to our winners!

Sarah Alchemy ’22
Michelle Barret ’13
Christy Fisher ’06
Jerry Lou Fretz
Julia Kimes
Martin Koenigsberg P'20
Meadbh Koenigsberg ’20
T'wina Nobles ’06, M.A.T.'07
Bobbi Sampson ’02
Jamilia Sherls-Jones ’05
Andrea Touhey ’02
Kaitlyn Lea Vallance ’17
Lucas Willers, D.P.T.18